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Frequently asked questions


Massachusetts PCA Applicants/Workers  

    Do job applicants pay a fee to submit an application with

No, job applicants never pay a fee to complete an application with the Massachusetts PCA Directory and The PCA Directory is a FREE service for PCAs, direct care workers and respite workers to find full-time and part-time jobs. Anyone interested in finding work as a PCA may complete a free online application. Once you submit your application, your information will be listed on the database of workers. PCA employers must be registered with in order to view your application. Employers will contact you using the contact information you provide, and will let you know that they are responding to your application on the PCA Directory.

•    How do I apply to a position listed on Rewarding Work’s Job Board?

We encourage you to visit the Job Board on a regular basis, as new positions are posted daily! To apply, you must be logged into your applicant account. Then, click on the job number of the position that interests you to read the complete job description.  (Note: Before applying for a position listed on the Job Board, please make sure that you meet the qualifications of the position and that you live within a reasonable commute.) Click on the box that says Apply to this Job, and complete the short, online form. If the hiring employer thinks you may be a good candidate for the posted job opening, he or she will contact you directly. Please apply to a position only once.

•    What is the pay rate for PCAs in Massachusetts?

The MassHealth PCA pay rate is currently $14.12 per hour. Visit for details about scheduled pay increases.

•    Where is my paycheck?

If you work for a consumer who has MassHealth PCA services and have questions about your paycheck, payroll taxes or W-2 forms, contact your Fiscal Intermediary.

•    How do I update my application?

Log into your application by entering your username and password in the box that says: Already a Member? To update your application, click Modify at the bottom of your application, make at least one minor change, and then click Submit.  This updates the date of your application and brings it to the top of the list of applicants. We encourage workers to do this at least monthly.

•    Why was my application suspended?

Applications are automatically suspended if not updated within a 12-month period. To reactivate your application, log into your account and deselect the box that says “Suspend application and remove from search.”

•    What is the PCA union?

1199SEIU is the PCA union in Massachusetts. For detailed information about the union and information about joining, visit their website at:

Who to call when issues arise between consumers and workers?

For a list of agencies that can help resolve these issues, click here.

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